The Elements Will Melt with Fervant Heat

"The Heavens will be dissolved, being on fire, and the elements will melt with fervant...

The Gathering of the Elect

The "gathering of the elect" is linked to Jesus’ second coming and happened in the...
Apocalypse on Earth, view from the sun on the planet Earth torn in half and fragments of the Moon in orbit. Decline of civilization. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

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The Passing of Heaven and Earth

Many Christians believe heaven and earth will literally be destroyed at the second coming, based...

The End of the Age

“Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your...
Already Not Yet 3

The Already and Not Yet

The New Testament is filled with New Covenant realities that had already arrived in part...

The Passing of the Law

Many Christians believe the Law/Old Covenant ended when Jesus died on the cross in approximately...
Salvation and the cross

Salvation and the Cross

Although many Christians believe salvation was obtained at the cross, that’s technically incorrect. Salvation was...
judgment and salvation 1

Judgment and Salvation go Hand in Hand

Jesus’s coming in AD 70 was cataclysmic judgment of the wicked; however, it was also...
Red Heifer

Stay Away from Red Heifer Mythology

Guest article by Gary DeMar, The American Vision. Red heifer stories are in the news....
days of vengeance

Days of Vengeance (video)

This is an excellent exposition of the book of Revelation by David Chilton. Chilton cuts...
Is the End of The World in you Future

Olivet Discourse–Matthew 24–Fulfilled (video)

This video goes verse by verse through Matthew 24's account of the Olivet Discourse and...
You gotta be kidding, right

You Gotta Be Kidding…Right? (video)

This is a great introduction to preterism by Brian Martin, author of Behind the Veil...

What is Preterism? (video)

Don Preston from the Preterist Research Institute gives a two-part lecture about preterism and eschatology...